Business at Z-Works

Ourational business team welcomes new talents who are ready to embrace the challenges of tomorrow.


In the business department, you will work closely with our customers and partners to truly understand their needs and how collaboration to further strengthen the Z-Works platform can be possible. With this understanding you will show them the power of our cloud solutions and how it can be tailored for their particular situation.


"Last year, I have had the opportunity to discuss with facility managers, nurses and people working at all levels in the eldercare industry in Japan. On top of providing me with great insights on what our customers are looking for, it has also been a rich personal experience to improve my strategic thinking, thanks to the support of our company seniors." - Pierre at Marketing

"My work at Z-Works is to create and develop new business opportunites in line with our objectives. Among many inquiries, we have to prioritize and handle various exciting types of projects." - Shiromaru, Sales

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