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ABOUTWhat is LiveConnect?

LiveConnect makes the conditions of resident rooms visible,
thereby preventing accidents and delays in discovering issues among residents,
and reduces the workload for staff through activities such as patrols.


LiveConnect provides
information in

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To prioritize the ease of introduction and use,
LiveConnect offers the following measures

Product details


Over 200 facilities and more than
3,000 beds nationwide

※As of April 30, 2023

*Comparison of accidents occurring in the 3 months before and after the introduction of the system

VOICEUser Voice

Introducing feedback from our user facilities.

Social Welfare Corporation Ikusei Welfare Association
Disability Support Facility Akemodoro Gakuen
Supervising Chief

Mr. Kenta Nakamoto

Residents’ whereabouts, whether they are in their rooms or sleeping in bed, can now be constantly monitored. For residents who need their whereabouts known 24 hours a day, we used to check their location every 15 minutes, causing significant stress and workload for the staff. Additionally, staff interference created high levels of stress for residents, leading to physical effects, emotional instability, and the occurrence of problematic behaviors. The introduction of LiveConnect has allowed for more space for residents, reducing psychological and physical burdens on both sides.

Miwa Corporation Co., Ltd.
Senior Complex Facility Miwa Care Center

Mr. Koji Momohara

It has been about a year since LiveConnect was introduced. While it took some time to promote its use while changing staff attitudes, the habit of monitoring has now been well established. Being able to confirm whether residents are in their rooms or in bed has led to quicker response during nighttime patrols. Two to three years ago, accidents such as falls resulting in fractures occurred, but since the introduction of Live Connect, major falling accidents have not occurred.

SERVICE FLOWService Introduction

You can start using our service in as little as 3 business days (For Japan market) from contract signing.
We are available to support you anytime with any questions after starting to use the service.

FAQFrequently Asked

Can nurse calls be used?

There is an alternative call button available. However, it cannot be integrated with existing nurse call systems.

Can I use it with a futon style Japanese mattress?

While using it on a bed is recommended, it can also be used with a futon depending on the situation.

Is Wi-Fi required?

Wi-Fi is not necessary. Each device communicates via 4G network (using a SIM card). Mobile data charges are included in the monthly fee.

What are the costs associated with using the service?

Initial costs include equipment fees and installation fees. Monthly usage fees are also required as a service fee.


We offer a trial plan that allows you to try our service at a low cost for a certain period,
without the need for complicated installations.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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